Propagation of slow electromagnetic disturbances in plasma [article]

Sharad Kumar Yadav, Ratan Kumar Bera, Deepa Verma, Amita Das and Predhiman Kaw
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Electromagnetic (EM) waves/disturbances are typically the best means to understand and analyze an ionized medium like plasma. However, the propagation of electromagnetic waves with frequency lower than the plasma frequency is prohibited by the freely moving charges of the plasma. In dense plasmas though the plasma frequency can be typically quite high, EM sources at such higher frequency are not easily available. It is, therefore, of interest to seek possibilities wherein a low frequency (lower
more » ... than the plasma frequency) EM disturbance propagates inside a plasma. This is possible in the context of magnetized plasmas. However, in order to have a magnetized plasma response one requires a strong external magnetic field. In this manuscript we demonstrate that the nonlinearity of the plasma medium can also aid the propagation of a slow EM wave inside plasma. Certain interesting applications of the propagation of such slow electromagnetic pulse through plasma is also discussed.
arXiv:2002.09778v1 fatcat:avz6wuut4fgppdnf572bcsvete