Low Cost Smart Meter Technology Development

Siti Nurzulaikha Jalil, Ramizi Mohamed
2018 Zenodo  
This paper presents a low cost smart metering design for energy measurement using an implementation methodology for wireless meter reading systems using WiFi networks and microcontrollers. Cheap smart meter design are designed not only to measure and monitoring power generation but also to enable and support new operation and control functions in power generation. In addition, this meter facilitates the user to read the energy meter even when the user is far away from the appliance. The
more » ... method consist of hardware and software parts. With the availability of internet access the energy data can be read quickly and easily through user's smartphone without using any wires to PC or remote devices. It is based on open source hardware ie ESP-12E and ACS712. This smart meter uses ACS 721 current sensor to detect the current. NodeMCU take most important data such as voltage, current, and active power so that all further calculations can be made by the center of the system. Smart meter can be used as a metering energy or as a quality meter power to provide the user with the ability to monitor the power value as well as current value. Accuracy in the readings of electric use is highly recommended to ensure electrical savings and control can be made.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2528441 fatcat:2je4yy2ob5fu3jrerkwgl6vfqa