The Leverage of a Proposed Post-Process Writing Approach Program El-Ashri

Ismail Elshirbini, Abdel-Fattah El-Ashri Al-Azhar
Ismail IJ-ELTS: International Journal of English Language & Translation Studies   unpublished
The purpose of the present study was to investigate the effect of the Post-Process Writing Approach on developing the required writing skills in English for first year secondary institutes in Al-Azhar. Reviewing teaching writing books, literature and related studies, the researcher came up with the most suitable writing skills for the first year secondary institute students and stated them in a checklist. Accordingly a proposed writing program, based on the Post-Process Writing Approach, was
more » ... igned to develop those skills. The proposed program was composed of four units including some writing activities. The suggested Post-Process strategy appropriate to those activities was used in the program. To carry out the experiment of the study, a sample of 60 first year secondary institute students, was randomly assigned to an experimental group and a control one, (30) students each. A Pre Writing test, designed by the researcher, was administered to both the experimental and the control groups to determine the students' level prior to the experiment. Having been sure that both groups were of the same level, the experiment of the study was carried out. Then, the pre-test was administered again to both groups after the experiment. Comparing the students' mean scores in the pre and post administrations of the test, it was proved that the experimental group students made a remarkable progress in their writing skills due to the use of the suggested program based on The Post-Process Writing Approach. Thus, using The Post-Process Writing Approach proved to have a large effect size on developing the required writing skills in English for the secondary institute students.