Chinese Patent—A Tentative Explanation of Various Strategies of Patenting

2013 Chinese Business Review  
The recent increase in patent granted in China prompts for an analysis of the various strategies which are certainly developed by Chinese applicants in that field. An analysis (APA Automatic Patent Analysis) has been done in several fields which have different impacts on the Chinese economy. We chose four different subjects: solar panels; photovoltaic panels; fireworks; and honeysuckle. These areas go from deep international concern to only Chinese interest. We analyzed in the different ratios
more » ... etween Chinese priority patents, Chinese patents extended to other countries, Patent extended from other countries to China and Chinese utility models. The results show clearly that various directions are followed depending on the economic importance of the field and also the pressure of the competition inside and outside China. In this context the strategic dependence (number of patents extended to China by other countries) was examined for each of the fields. We also show that in the domain where the man power is important such as fireworks the number of utility models is important. This suggests that utility models are used to spread in that field minor innovations. In the fields such as honeysuckle many applicants are the same that the inventors and the involvement of universities larger than in other fields. These two fields more or less centered on Chinese domestic aspects only a few patents (not for Honeysuckle) are extended to other countries. The impact of foreign patents in these two fields is quasi nil. In other domains such as photovoltaic panel the triadic patents (extension to US JP EP) are examined its show that if some Chinese patents are extended to other countries there are also an important numbers of foreign patents extended to China. This also suggests that in these most critical subjects, China develops a sort of technological protection barrier from domestic patents. This underlines a strategy on attack and defense in that field.
doi:10.17265/1537-1506/2013.01.005 fatcat:yibbvzzbkzccpga26y5dv556bi