The Hoard of Celtic Coins from Deutsch Jahrndorf (Austria, 1855)

Jiří Militký, Melinda Torbágyi
2021 Památky archeologické  
The Deutsch Jahrndorf (Burgenland, Austria) hoard was discovered in 1855. It contained Bratislava Celtic coinage – gold denominations and silver tetradrachms of the Biatec group. Altogether, 163 coins have been studied either by autopsy or from their earlier publications; originally however, they were surely more numerous. Although the treasure was discovered south of the Danube, 15 km away from the Bratislava oppidum acropolis, there is no doubt about its direct association with this site. Its
more » ... contents provide a unique insight into the production of gold denominations, both anepigraphic and with the legends BIATEC or BIAT. Silver tetradrachms of the Biatec group include the majority of known die combinations. The Deutsch Jahrndorf hoard represents a unique source for better understanding the Bratislava coin production. Based on our present state of knowledge of the late La Tène chronology, the hoard was probably concealed in the third quarter of the 1st century BC; a more precise date cannot be established. New discoveries of Roman style constructions on the Bratislava oppidum acropolis help us better understand the phenomenon of relations between the Roman Republic and local Celtic elites; the detailed study of the hoard in question contributes to this topic from the numismatic point of view.
doi:10.35686/pa2021.5 fatcat:pv3azrfhijf4xev2mmjxjn6bha