Statistical and Visual Analysis of Audio, Text, and Image Features for Multi-Modal Music Genre Recognition

Ben Wilkes, Igor Vatolkin, Heinrich Müller
2021 Entropy  
We present a multi-modal genre recognition framework that considers the modalities audio, text, and image by features extracted from audio signals, album cover images, and lyrics of music tracks. In contrast to pure learning of features by a neural network as done in the related work, handcrafted features designed for a respective modality are also integrated, allowing for higher interpretability of created models and further theoretical analysis of the impact of individual features on genre
more » ... diction. Genre recognition is performed by binary classification of a music track with respect to each genre based on combinations of elementary features. For feature combination a two-level technique is used, which combines aggregation into fixed-length feature vectors with confidence-based fusion of classification results. Extensive experiments have been conducted for three classifier models (Naïve Bayes, Support Vector Machine, and Random Forest) and numerous feature combinations. The results are presented visually, with data reduction for improved perceptibility achieved by multi-objective analysis and restriction to non-dominated data. Feature- and classifier-related hypotheses are formulated based on the data, and their statistical significance is formally analyzed. The statistical analysis shows that the combination of two modalities almost always leads to a significant increase of performance and the combination of three modalities in several cases.
doi:10.3390/e23111502 pmid:34828199 pmcid:PMC8621318 fatcat:fibxn23ayvhzxgkcoe2dp6cbsy