Study on Heat Exchange of convection heating surface of a Pressurized Oxygen Enriched Coal-fired Boiler

Libao Yin, Hang Zhao, Zhengyang Gao, Xinxin Meng, Shuo Ji
2015 Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacturing Engineering   unpublished
KEYWORD: pressurized oxy-fuel boiler; numerical simulation; heat exchanger; velocity of the flue gas ABSTRACT: The technology of the oxygen enriched combustion is a very promising new power generation technology for cleaning coal. This paper takes a 300MW coal-fired boiler for study, calculates the properties of flue gas of the pulverized coal combustion under the air and oxygen and pressurized oxygen enriched(CO2/O2=70:30,0.1MPa/1MPa) conditions by using ASPEN PLUS software, and then uses
more » ... and then uses FLUENT software platform to simulate high temperature re-heater and Super-heater in three different conditions.At last,the high temperature re-heater and Super-heater are reformed to achieve the same effect of heat transfer in the air atmosphere by changing the flow rate of flue gas.The results show that when the combustion atmosphere varies from air to oxygen enriched air to pressurized oxygen enriched,the coefficient of heat transfer of high temperature re-heater and super-heater are increased, the radiation heat transfer coefficient are increased greatly, but the convective heat transfer coefficient are increased to a lesser extent.With the increase of gas flow rate, the reduction ratio of heat transfer area begins to increase slowly, then increases rapidly, and increases slowly after reaching 7m/s.
doi:10.2991/icadme-15.2015.130 fatcat:dxvf5io4rffyznool4y6vyqwim