Command Revisited

Michael Kircher, Markus Völter
2004 European Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs  
This pattern revisits the Command [GoF] and Command Processor [POSA1] patterns. The reasons for this revisiting is that we think that the Command and Command Processor patterns do not really capture the essence of what the Command pattern is. We think that Command is basically a way to emulate the concept of closures in object-oriented languages that don't natively have this feature. The Command Revisited pattern packages a piece of application functionality as well as its parameterization in
more » ... object in order to make it usable in another context, such as later in time or in a different thread. Example Suppose you are building a complex communication software. The individual sub-sequences of the protocol are similar, but not quite identical. The sub-sequences contain logic that operates on some form of state, also called context. For the various sub-sequences, adapted context information is necessary.
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