The Nanaimo Free Press [Wednesday, October 19, 1927] [article]

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A, prr ...-Mjcd, th. main bou 1 ihr i4lh anaiat mcciiof o( the B C Mumfll^btir^. ^Kk o nvriicd km ynlcrday «at the Hoipital Act Th« came up aim a k»> da, ol ac. under III. ahir chairmanahip o< HrraidrnI •krai, the, nrrr kepi to boamcaa. and nu tiwal. <.rator, were alknard KcaulorH.n< «rrr intr.iducrd. diaruaacd awl ad«r VVeUa Ciray, New Wratmma lhai tl.c uoeernment he reqaealed the prraideni oi Ike V B place n ol III quralion the eaecuthre waa inr l to wiervirw the rroehKial Cow. ..rni with a
more » ... opoaal that the I .eat take orce the manner aad oantrol oi all boapilala m K iial, tin n ermera and mumcipalitie^ recrued and dealt with by th. ol which were adopted and m a arnnher ^ caae,
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