The Effect of the Addition Levels of Odor Reducing Contents on the Concentration of Volatile Fatty Acid and Volatile Organic Compound in Pig Slurry
양돈 슬러리에 첨가된 악취저감물질 수준별 휘발성 지방산과 휘발성 유기화합물 농도 비교

Ok-Hwa Hwang, Seung-Hak Yang, Jung-Hwan Jeon, Jung-Kon Kim, Dong-Yun Choi, Sung-Back Cho
2013 Journal of Animal Environmental Science  
This study was to investigate the effect of addition levels of odor reducing contents on reducing the concentration of odorous compounds. Slurry treatments included three levels mixture of horseradish powder (HP), mushroom waste (MW) and probiotics powder (PP), and non-treatment control (n=4 each group). Levels of odorous compounds were measured from the liquid slurry incubated in room temperature (20~25℃) for 2 wk in chamber whose structure is similar to slurry pit. Concentration of phenols
more » ... ation of phenols and indoles was lower (p<0.05) in level 1, which was mixed HP 0.01%, MW 0.4% and PP 0.004% (98.69, 1.87 ppm) compared to control. Short chain fatty acid (SCFA) and branched chain fatty acid (BCFA) was lowest (p<0.05) level 1 (6,557, 1675 ppm). Taken together, lower level are effective in reducing odorous compounds in pig slurry. (
doi:10.11109/jaes.2013.19.2.101 fatcat:cc4v2geqf5fyzkxs65ruetj3qa