Sarfaraz Khan Marwat, Pharmabitika
2014 unpublished
This work presents an inventory of Quranic birds and their importance in the light of religion and science. In view of the importance of this study comprehensive and detailed data was systematically collected from Holy Quran, other Islamic and available scientific literature. Present findings confined to 6 birds belonging to class Aves of animal kingdom. Of these, 3 birds have been cited in the Holy Quran by name: Ghurab-Crow (Corvus spp.), Hud hud-Hoopoe (Upupa epops L., 1758) and Salwa-Quail
more » ... 8) and Salwa-Quail (Coturnix coturnix L., 1758), and 4 birds have been mentioned (but not by name) in Sura Al-Baqara-2, verse #. 260. There are different views of Commentators of the Holy Quran about the names of these 4 birds, but the majority of the scholars have interpreted them as cock (Gallus domesticus L., 1758), crow (Corvus spp.), peacock (Pavo cristatus L., 1758) and pigeon (Columba livia Gmelin, 1789). In total 6 birds (crow is counted once) belonging to 4 families of 4 orders, have been described in detail. Results were systematically arranged by alphabetic order of zoological names followed by Quranic name / Arabic name, English name, family, medicinal uses, Quranic references and Islamic ruling.