A study on the factor analysis of ERP system construction for small and medium enterprise using AHP -third logistic small and mediun partner company approach-
AHP를 통한 중소기업 ERP 구축을 위한 인지도에 관한 분석 -3자 중소물류협력사 중심으로-

Ki-Hong Kim, Kyung-Sik Kang
2012 Journal of the Korea Safety Management and Science  
The medium and small logistic companies that have an outsourcing contract from the large corporation are encountered with a problem to introduce the ERP system to their current business environment due to following risk of change in current business environment, high cost involved in investment, and lack of understanding of business requirement of ERP. Instead of build their own ERP system, the small and medium logistic companies are using the large corporation's ERP system and get the benefit
more » ... nd get the benefit of efficiency in management and control process. Therefore, it is more like the organization hierarchy, not collaboration between the medium and small companies with the large corporation. In this study, the survey method to find out how the medium and small logistic companies understand the importance of ERP system on continuous growth of business by AHP. as result, they are recognized. The benefit of the ERP system as having much effect on business competitiveness.
doi:10.12812/ksms.2012.14.1.147 fatcat:arjkebsmvjhgbiqsd3js3vzjvu