Mudyawati Kamaruddin, Sitti Usmia
2020 unpublished
In general, women who are pregnant are afraid of facing labor because of pain that can cause fear and anxiety, this can cause physical tension which results in stiff muscles and joints that are not natural, so it is necessary to do pregnancy exercises. Pregnancy exercise is one of the physical exercises in the form of certain movements that support the ease of childbirth and is done specifically to improve the health of pregnant women. This study was conducted to determine the description of
more » ... wledge and attitudes of third trimester pregnant women about pregnancy exercise. This study was conducted on 42 samples of third trimester pregnant women in Tanete Health Center, Bulukumba with a sampling technique in the form of accidental sampling, namely sampling based on the fact that respondents happened to appear. Data collection in the form of a questionnaire to determine the knowledge and attitudes of respondents about pregnancy exercise by analyzing the level of education of each respondent. The results showed there was a significant relationship between the level of education with the knowledge of pregnant women towards pregnancy exercise with p value = 0.00. While the level of education and attitude of pregnant women towards pregnancy exercise there is no relationship p value of 0.824. Of the 45 pregnant women studied who had good knowledge of pregnancy exercises by 26.2%, namely with a high school education level, although the knowledge of pregnancy exercise was also distributed to sufficient knowledge which amounted to 28.6% with a junior secondary education level and 11 , 9% with a high school level. The level of education can affect the attitude of pregnant women in expressing themselves in a positive attitude towards pregnancy exercise, although from further tests there is no significant relationship between the two.
doi:10.31219/ fatcat:vsioaqy35vaezaxxuwvfrjfjba