Risk management assessment on a type of warship development

Yang Chun-Zhou, Hong Liang, Chen Jian, Yi Guan-Chen
The equipment research project risk management is an important field of knowledge to promote the rapid development of China's defense industry. It is related to completion of our mission to develop new equipment qualitatively and quantitatively. In order to effectively identify, analyze, reduce and control the risk of development of a new type of warship, on the basis of the clear risk management process and approach the paper makes an analysis of the development of a new type of warship
more » ... e of warship program. It builds a new type of warship research risk management assessment index system from four areas of technical risk, human risk, schedule risk and cost risks. It makes fuzzy risk analysis assessment on a new type of warship development based on the method of risk management assessment. According to instance analysis validation, there is relatively a high risk in developing a new type of warship. Risk prevention and control measures should be taken in technical risks and human decisions. The paper provides a theoretical support for the new equipment development risk prevention.