A study of the electronic properties of liquid alkali metals: a self-consistent approach

W. Geertsma, D. Gonzalez, L. H. Gonzalez
2003 Brazilian journal of physics  
We study the electronic properties (density of states, conductivity and thermopower) of some nearly--free--electron systems: the liquid alkali metals and two liquid alloys, Li-Na and Na-K. The study has been performed within the self-consistent second order Renormalized Propagator Perturbation Expansion (RPE) for the self-energy. The input ionic pseudopotentials and static correlation functions are derived from the neutral pseudoatom method and the modified hypernetted chain theory of liquids,
more » ... theory of liquids, respectively. Reasonable agreement with experiment is found for Na, K, Rb and Na-K, whereas for Li and Cs and Li-Na the agreement is less satisfactory
doi:10.1590/s0103-97332003000200045 fatcat:w46eqye2dnc3tbqpdqdmst2lnq