A Study of Stotra

Shojun Hatsuzaki
The stotra is a praising of that immeasurable virtue (guna) of the Buddha. Because a detailed explanations of the imports and the historical studies can be found in Dr. K. Oyama's book entitled Buddhist Music and the sabda-vidya (Bukkyo. Ongaku to Shomyo), they will be omitted here. Concerning the word stotra in relation to the word pathaka, we find that the former is a translation of the latter. To indicate this, in the Hoon-ju-rin(1), we read a translation which reads as there is pathaka in
more » ... e west, there is stotra in the east. An in India, all the poetical and melodious expressions of the Buddha's teachings (dharma) are called pathaka, one aspect of which is the gatha which is found in the sutras that has a melody enabling followers to chant. With these indications, we can say that the stotra is a kind of pathaka. Before and after a Buddhist service, we hear the chanting of stotra. These before and after stotra are chanted with the purpose of praising the Buddha's guna and his cause-actions (buddha-tva) for showing us the way of (3) Tai-sho-dai-zo-kyo
doi:10.4259/ibk.17.910 fatcat:dibyqxtpafct7oqt3kfcwxu6ly