Electrode Polarization Studies in Molten Na2CO3 in Reducing Environments

K.Y. Kim, O.F. Devereux
1981 ECS Proceedings Volumes  
An electrode comprised of a carbon dioxide/carbon monoxide mixture bubbled over platinum immersed in molten sodium carbonate within a closed-end sheath of commercialpurity alumina was found to be ohmic, with an apparent sheath resistivity of the order of 1 M ohm cm at 1000°C, and to respond in a Nernstian manner to variation in the P qq and Pc02 values* This electrode permits independent control of cell and reference environments and, by vir tue of cationic transport within the alumina sheath,
more » ... s insensitive to anionic electrolyte variations. Electrode polarization data for Ni 200 in molten sodium carbonate under reducing environments are reported; these data are matched to an empirical function via computer modelling.
doi:10.1149/198110.0145pv fatcat:gphpfhiu5rcorowsolveqjrdea