Comparative study on dry sliding wear behavior of mono (Al2219/B4C) and hybrid (Al2219/B4C/Gr) metal matrix composites using statistical technique

R. Suresh
2020 Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Materials  
AbstractIn the present study, aluminium metal matrix composites (AMMC's) reinforced with boron carbide (B4C) and graphite (Gr) particles were prepared by stir casting method. Dry sliding wear behavior of developed composites was conducted on pin on disc apparatus with variation in sliding distance, applied load and sliding speed. Taguchi method was employed to optimize the data in a controlled way. Analysis of variance was employed to examine the wear behavior of base alloy (Al2219), mono
more » ... Al2219), mono (Al/B4C) and hybrid (Al/B4C/Gr) metal matrix composites. The correlations were established by linear regression models and validated using confirmation tests. The obtained results indicated that B4C content, sliding distance is highly affected by the dry sliding wear followed by sliding speed and applied load. The incorporation of B4C and Gr particles in aluminium improves the tribological characteristics. The SEM images of mono composite shows the deep grooves on worn surface. It demonstrates the signs of abrasive wear of mono composite. The hybrid composite exhibits excellent wear resistance when compared to mono composite and base alloy. The main reason of that is the Gr particles act as a solid lubricating material in the hybrid composite (Al/B4C/Gr).
doi:10.1515/jmbm-2020-0006 fatcat:lrefvqfvvnemlozitomlnzgckm