Potato Visual Navigation Line Detection Based on Deep Learning and Feature Midpoint Adaptation

Ranbing Yang, Yuming Zhai, Jian Zhang, Huan Zhang, Guangbo Tian, Jian Zhang, Peichen Huang, Lin Li
2022 Agriculture  
Potato machinery has become more intelligent thanks to advancements in autonomous navigation technology. The effect of crop row segmentation directly affects the subsequent extraction work, which is an important part of navigation line detection. However, the shape differences of crops in different growth periods often lead to poor image segmentation. In addition, noise such as field weeds and light also affect it, and these problems are difficult to address using traditional threshold
more » ... ion methods. To this end, this paper proposes an end-to-end potato crop row detection method. The first step is to replace the original U-Net's backbone feature extraction structure with VGG16 to segment the potato crop rows. Secondly, a fitting method of feature midpoint adaptation is proposed, which can realize the adaptive adjustment of the vision navigation line position according to the growth shape of a potato. The results show that the method used in this paper has strong robustness and can accurately detect navigation lines in different potato growth periods. Furthermore, compared with the original U-Net model, the crop row segmentation accuracy is improved by 3%, and the average deviation of the fitted navigation lines is 2.16°, which is superior to the traditional visual guidance method.
doi:10.3390/agriculture12091363 fatcat:dwdgrmn5yjgnle2enj2ekqp7r4