Las constelaciones literarias como proyecto educativo para incentivar la lectura del género poético: "las cuatro galaxias de Góngora

Andrea Ariño-Bizarro, Universidad de Zaragoza
2021 Álabe  
For some time now, many researchers have shared the conviction that the literary education of adolescents requires other pathways than those habitually travelled. With the intention of renewing educational initiatives, a pedagogical intervention proposal is presented based on the concept of "literary constellations" by Jover, 2007, on the teaching innovation strategies of gamification. In this context, an educational innovation project focused on promoting the reading habit, entitled "Góngora's
more » ... Four Galaxies: A Universe of Stars to be Discovered," is presented. The aim of that proposal is to encourage reading of the poetic genre that consists in the creation of four reading itineraries from four poems by the baroque writer Luis de Góngora y Argote. The results obtained have been positive, thanks to this initiative. Not only do students improve their literary competence, but they also increase their interest in baroque poetry by relating it intertextually with diverse artistic productions and, above all, close to their contemporaneity.
doi:10.15645/alabe2021.24.8 fatcat:ud7m2yrqlnf3nf3ihjcjk65jbq