В развитие некоторых вопросов музейного дела в области минералогии. I. О специфике минералогических коллекций

И.В. Пеков
2019 №2018(52) (2019)  
The paper is devoted to the individual features of the mineralogical collections that distinguish them from collections of other objects of inanimate nature. These features are important for understanding and assessing the general cultural value of mineralogical collections and separate specimens in them. Wide intraspecific diversity, often the most pronounced precisely in the visually determinable characteristics, is a bright feature of many minerals. The decisive role in the evaluation of
more » ... e evaluation of mineral specimens in many cases is played by their immeasurable characteristics, perceived through feelings, primarily compositional characteristics. This brings together exhibits of mineralogical collections, valued also for aesthetic merit, with unique, nonserial works of art, and makes it necessary, in particular, to take into account the artistic aspect in assessing the significance of such mineral specimen. The expertise of such subject gets, thus, some common features with the artcriticism expertise.
doi:10.25993/fm.2019.53.37148 fatcat:zt6x4b6h6bbixiv6jiz7ceghn4