Nonequilibrium Phase Transition in Spin-S Ising Ferromagnet Driven by Propagating and Standing Magnetic Field Wave

Ajay Halder, Muktish Acharyya
2017 Communications in Theoretical Physics  
The dynamical response of spin-S (S=1, 3/2, 2, 3) Ising ferromagnet to the plane propagating wave , standing magnetic field wave and uniformly oscillating field with constant frequency are studied separately in two dimensions by extensive Monte Carlo simulation. Depending upon the strength of the magnetic field and the value of the spin state of the Ising spin lattice two different dynamical phases are observed. For a fixed value of S and the amplitude of the propagating magnetic field wave the
more » ... system undergoes a dynamical phase transition from propagating phase to pinned phase as the temperature of the system is cooled down. Similarly in case with standing magnetic wave the system undergoes dynamical phase transition from high temperature phase where spins oscillates coherently in alternate bands of half wavelength of the standing magnetic wave to the low temperature pinned or spin frozen phase. For a fixed value of the amplitude of magnetic field oscillation the transition temperature is observed to decrease to a limiting value as the value of spin S is increased. The time averaged magnetisation over a full cycle of the magnetic field oscillation plays the role of the dynamic order parameter. A comprehensive phase boundary is drawn in the plane of magnetic field amplitude and dynamic transition temperature. It is found that the phase boundary shrinks inwards for high value of spin state S. Also in the low temperature (and high field) region the phase boundaries are closely spaced.
doi:10.1088/0253-6102/68/5/600 fatcat:ennarmbzrzal5infhycgb7fw5a