Conformable eddy current array delivery

Rahul Summan, Gareth Pierce, Charles Macleod, Carmelo Mineo, Jonathan Riise, Maxim Morozov, Gordon Dobie, Gary Bolton, Angélique Raude, Colombe Dalpé, Johannes Braumann
The external surface of stainless steel containers used for the interim storage of nuclear material may be subject to Atmospherically Induced Stress Corrosion Cracking (AISCC). The inspection of such containers poses a significant challenge due to the large quantities involved; therefore, automating the inspection process is of considerable interest. This paper reports upon a proof-of-concept project concerning the automated NDT of a set of test containers containing artificially generated
more » ... ally generated AISCCs. An Eddy current array probe with a conformable padded surface from Eddyfi was used as the NDT sensor and end effector on a KUKA KR5 arc HW robot. A kinematically valid cylindrical raster scan path was designed using the KUKA|PRC path planning software. Custom software was then written to interface measurement acquisition from the Eddyfi hardware with the motion control of the robot. Preliminary results and analysis are presented from scanning two canisters.
doi:10.1063/1.4940626 fatcat:fvflf2lswjcdfcae2kbqe2e3de