Co-combustion characteristics and kinetics of meager coal and spent cathode carbon block by TG-MS analysis

Jigang Zhang, Zhaocai Teng, Kuihua Han, Yingjie Li, Meimei Wang
2021 Arabian Journal of Chemistry  
As a hazardous waste, the spent cathode carbon block (SCCB) has a high calorific value while it is difficult to fire, its harmless disposal is a major difficulty at present. Herein, a method of mixed combustion of meager coal and SCCB in a pulverized coal furnace for disposal of SCCB is proposed, and thermogravimetric mass spectrometry (TG-MS) is used to characterize the combustion and gas release characteristics. The effects of the heating rate and mixing ratio on combustion are analyzed as
more » ... are analyzed as well. The result shows that the comprehensive combustibility index and combustion stability index of SCCB-5 at a heating rate of 50°C/min are both the highest. Abundant oxygen-containing groups in SCCB promote the co-combustion process. The release of hydrogen fluoride is relatively low below 1000°C so that the use of pulverized coal boilers meets the temperature requirement for disposal of SCCB. The good melting characteristics of ash after mixing sintering also confirm this point. Finally, the kinetic calculation results show that the combustion activation energy is the lowest when the mixing ratio is 5%, which is in good agreement with the experimental results. The highest activation energy values for the combustion of meager coal, SCCB and SCCB-5 are 46.90, 89.39, 59.87 kJ mol À1 , respectively.
doi:10.1016/j.arabjc.2021.103198 fatcat:c7dngb6vhfaebebng4bpyd6x6u