Effects of Source of Supplemental Zinc on Performance, Nutrient Digestibility and Plasma Mineral Profile in Cashmere Goats

Wenbin Jia, Xiaoping Zhu, Wei Zhang, Jianbo Cheng, Cuihua Guo, Zhihai Jia
2009 Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences  
This experiment was designed to evaluate the effects of source of supplemental zinc (Zn) on performance, nutrient digestibility and plasma mineral profile in Cashmere goats during the cashmere fiber growing period. Twenty-seven Liao Ning Cashmere wether goats (9-10 month of age; initial BW = 19.31±0.32 kg) were fed a basal diet (containing 22.3 mg Zn/kg DM) with no supplemental Zn (control) or 20 mg of supplemental Zn/kg of DM from Zn sulfate (ZnSO 4 ) or Zn methionine (ZnMet) for 60 days
more » ... ) for 60 days including a 10-day metabolism trial. Average daily gain (ADG) (p<0.05) and gain:feed (G/F) (p<0.05) were increased by Zn supplementation, but no differences were noted between Zn sources (p>0.05). The length and diameter of cashmere fiber did not differ among treatments (p>0.05). Zn supplementation had no influence on digestibility of DM, CP, EE and NDF (p>0.05). However, ADF digestibility in the group supplemented with ZnMet was significantly higher than in other treatments (p<0.05). Plasma Zn was increased (p<0.05) and Cu tended to be decreased (p = 0.057) by Zn supplementation, but no differences were found between Zn sources (p>0.05). Plasma alkaline phosphatase activity (AKP) was improved by Zn supplementation (p<0.05) and was higher in the ZnSO 4 than the ZnMet group (p<0.05). Zn retention was increased (p<0.05) and apparent absorption rate was decreased (p<0.05) by Zn supplementation. The results indicate that supplementation of 20 mg Zn/kg DM either as ZnSO 4 or ZnMet in the basal diet containing 22.3 mg Zn/kg DM can improve growth performance in Cashmere goats, and effectiveness of the two sources is similar on performance measurements. (
doi:10.5713/ajas.2009.80649 fatcat:q6o3x5f5iranhdpbap4gphjqlm