Experimental investigation to demonstrate Impact Fast Ignition scheme

Watari T, Azechi H, Nakai M, Hironaka Y, Sakaiya T, Nakamura H, Shiraga H, Shigemori K, Hosoda H, Arikawa Y, Homma H, Norimatsu T (+11 others)
2010 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
We have proposed a new ignition scheme of Fast Ignition, called "Impact Fast Ignition (IFI)", in which a compressed fuel is ignited by impact collision of a fragment of separately imploded fuel. We performed integrated experiments on impact ignition, in which a portion of a deuterated polystyrene (CD) shell was accelerated to about 600 km/s and was collided with precompressed CD fuel. The shell was imploded using 9 beams and the impactor was accelerated using 3 beams of the GEKKO XII laser
more » ... m. The laser energy was 350 J per beam. The kinetic energy of the impactor was efficiently converted into thermal energy generating a temperature of about 1.8 keV., Observed maximum neutron yield was 2×10 6 . This yield was 80 times as large as that without impactor. We will present the experimental details and results, demonstrating the high potential of impact ignition for fusion energy production.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/244/2/022071 fatcat:fxn2la2epfcq3ofg6v4hinklay