Anatomy of the Lingual Vestibule and its Influence on Denture Borders

Gandage Dhananjay S Abu Siddiqui
2013 Anatomy & Physiology  
Objective: The correct positioning of lingual borders of mandibular denture is challenging. The border seal is achieved by the contact of borders with the soft tissue. However because of the tongue the lingual borders are not visible directly. The influence of so many muscles on the borders of the denture makes the understanding of lingual borders all the more complicated. Method: This article attempts to describe the clinical anatomy of the lingual vestibule and its influence on denture
more » ... . Dissection of the floor of the mouth was carried out on cadaver through an intra oral approach and the anatomy described. Routine border molding and final impression procedure for the mandibular denture was carried out on a patient receiving complete dentures in the post graduate clinic in the department of Prosthodontics. Results and Conclusions: The anatomy observed on dissected cadaver section was co related to the shape of the borders developed during the clinical procedure of border molding and final impression. Figure 1: Sagittal section of the tongue showing fibers of genioglossus and the geniohyoid and mylohyoid muscle.
doi:10.4172/2161-0940.1000122 fatcat:bzlpdlnl6zdfretk2agxaqrbyy