A Polycode Text In Different Types Of Mass Media Discourse

Julia Grickevich
2021 unpublished
Mass media environment is an integral part of the modern world, combining numerous information flows, the impact of which on an individual and society is widely recognized, however, the mechanisms of such impact and the degree of its effect onto the processes within the society are still being studied. Almost all discourses of modern society are involved in the media, which leads to the erosion of a particular discourse parameters, its characteristics, to crucial changes in the ways and means
more » ... reality representation. Media, explicitly and implicitly effecting the mass recipient of various discourses, increasingly determine the personal mental world. The article analyzes the features of the polycode texts in discourses, which differ greatly in their purpose and characteristics. The study of the implementation of various discourses allows the authors of this article to talk about the discourses transformation in the media, due to the increasing use of non-verbal sign systems. The authors characterize the functional peculiarity of a polycode text in different types of media discourse, identify the main factors effecting the functioning of the polycode texts, both in discourses with initially polycode nature and discourses for which polycode is not typical regarding their purpose. Particular attention is paid to identifying the specifics of the use of non-verbal components in polycode texts depending on the type of discourse taking into account the systemic transformation of media with complicating the cultural and communicative situation, and determining the typical use of a polycode text in the studied discourses in dynamics.
doi:10.15405/epsbs.2021.05.02.135 fatcat:uvxrincvzndw3j5nw4suzsz73u