Exactly solvable potentials with finitely many discrete eigenvalues of arbitrary choice

Ryu Sasaki
2014 Journal of Mathematical Physics  
We address the problem of possible deformations of exactly solvable potentials having finitely many discrete eigenvalues of arbitrary choice. As Kay and Moses showed in 1956, reflectionless potentials in one dimensional quantum mechanics are exactly solvable. With an additional time dependence these potentials are identified as the soliton solutions of the KdV hierarchy. An N-soliton potential has the time t and 2N positive parameters, k_1<...<k_N and c_j, j=1,...,N, corresponding to N discrete
more » ... eigenvalues -k_j^2. The eigenfunctions are elementary functions expressed by the ratio of determinants. The Darboux-Crum-Krein-Adler transformation or the Abraham-Moses transformations based on eigenfunctions deletions produce lower soliton number potentials with modified parameters c'_j. We explore various identities satisfied by the eigenfunctions of the soliton potentials, which reflect the uniqueness theorem of Gel'fand-Levitan-Marchenko equations for separable (degenerate) kernels.
doi:10.1063/1.4880200 fatcat:ssfviv7nnzep5jib4tmgnz7srm