Contribution of oxidative stress to radiosensitization by a combination of 2-DG and 6-AN in human cancer cell line

R Varshney, J S Adhikari, B S Dwarakanath
2003 Indian journal of experimental biology  
In the present studies, the role of oxidative stress in radiosensitization by a combination of 2-DG and 6-aminonicotinamide (6-AN) was examined in a human glioma cell line (BMG-1: wild type p53). Presence of 2-DG or 6-AN for 4 hr after irradiation (gamma ray 2.5 Gy) significantly enhanced the radiation-induced cell death by 18% and the combination (2-DG + 6-AN) enhanced the cell death by 35%. Neither 2-DG nor 6-AN had any further significant effect on the glutathione levels in irradiated cells.
more » ... However, the combination (2-DG + 6-AN) caused a significant decrease in GSH content, increase in GSSG levels, and enhanced the superoxide radical generation under these conditions. The enhanced cell death caused by the combination (2-DG + 6-AN) mainly resulted by the process of apoptosis as revealed by annexin V binding and was associated with elevated levels of Cyclin B1. However, no significant change was observed in the levels of Bcl-2. Thus, for the first time, our results have demonstrated that the radiosensitizing effects of these modifiers could also be mediated through alterations in the oxidative stress besides energy limited inhibition of repair and recovery processes.
pmid:15320490 fatcat:4wehoijpordqfeiuh2eawubfua