A Generalized Measure of Cumulative Residual Entropy [post]

Sudheesh Kumar Kattumannil, E. P. Sreedevi, N. Balakrishnan
2022 unpublished
In this work, we introduce a generalized measure of cumulative residual entropy and study its properties. We show that several existing measures of entropy such as cumulative residual entropy, weighted cumulative residual entropy and cumulative residual Tsallis entropy, are all special cases of the generalized cumulative residual entropy. We also propose a measure of generalized cumulative entropy, which includes cumulative entropy, weighted cumulative entropy and cumulative Tsallis entropy as
more » ... pecial cases. We discuss generating function approach using which we derive different entropy measures. Finally, using the newly introduced entropy measures, we establish some relationships between entropy and extropy measures.
doi:10.20944/preprints202202.0322.v1 fatcat:zw62d6uxebclzm5uowhquynuwm