Calculation of temperature profile in injection wells

Babak Moradi, Mohammed Ayoub, Mahmood Bataee, Erfan Mohammadian
2019 Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology  
Injection wells have long been an essential asset in enhanced oil recovery, wastewater disposal and carbon dioxide sequestration in petroleum industries. The temperature profile of fluid flow in the injection well is one of the main parameters of interest for petroleum engineers to determine optimum injection conditions and wellbore completion design especially in thermal injection projects and deep wells. In this study, the calculation involved in determining the temperature profile along the
more » ... epth of wellbore has been revised to be newer and more robust via solving governing wellbore equations. The wellbore is segmented into discrete counterparts for it to be solved simultaneously in terms of mass, momentum and energy balance via wellbore governing equations. Five injection cases from the literatures, incompressible and compressible fluid flows, were used to confirm that the procedure is reproducible in terms of its behaviour, which is similar to field data. The new results acquired from the new procedure are in good agreement with field data collected with a maximum absolute error less than 3 °C.
doi:10.1007/s13202-019-00763-w fatcat:r2bgmnwjf5gotl7t62mw55shoi