Üniversiteye Yabancılaşmanın Cinsiyet, Bölüm Seçme Kararı, Akademik Performans ve Akademik Öz-yeterlik Açısından Yordanması

Osman Tayyar ÇELİK
2020 Journal of Inonu University Faculty of Education  
Alienation has become inevitable in today's modern society. In particular, alienation of university students causes this phenomenon to spread to different structures and relationships. This study aims to find out the extent to which gender, department selection, academic success and academic self-efficacy predict alienation of university students. The population of the study consists of the students studying in the faculties of Pamukkale University in 2018-2019 academic year. The participants
more » ... The participants are 746 students who were determined randomly from this population and participated in the study voluntarily. Descriptive statistics and multiple linear regression analysis were used for data analysis. The analyses depicted that gender, department selection, academic self-efficacy and academic success together predicted students' alienation in the dimensions of powerlessness, normlessness, isolation and senselessness. It was also revealed that gender and academic self-efficacy contributed significantly to the model in all sub-dimensions; department selection in powerlessness and senselessness dimension; and the academic performance had a significant contribution to the models in terms of normlessness, isolation and senselessness. In the light of these results, recommendations for policies and practices were presented.
doi:10.17679/inuefd.661389 fatcat:wjuqpidtengyto2liunvynslwy