Role of Ontologies for CPS Implementation in Manufacturing

Marco Garetti, Luca Fumagalli, Elisa Negri
2015 Management and Production Engineering Review  
Cyber Physical Systems are an evolution of embedded systems featuring a tight combination of collaborating computational elements that control physical entities. CPSs promise a great potential of innovation in many areas including manufacturing and production. This is because we obtain a very powerful, flexible, modular infrastructure allowing easy (re) configurability and fast ramp-up of manufacturing applications by building a manufacturing system with modular mechatronic components (for
more » ... ning, transportation and storage) and embedded intelligence, by integrating them into a system, through a network connection. However, when building such kind of architectures, the way to supply the needed domain knowledge to real manufacturing applications arises as a problem to solve. In fact, a CPS based architecture for manufacturing is made of smart but independent manufacturing components without any knowledge of the role they have to play together in the real world of manufacturing applications. Ontologies can supply such kind of knowledge, playing a very important role in CPS for manufacturing. The paper deals with this intriguing theme, also presenting an implementation of this approach in a research project for the open automation of manufacturing systems, in which the power of CPS is complemented by the support of an ontology of the manufacturing domain.
doi:10.1515/mper-2015-0033 fatcat:7odbulsggbbvjen7brkucv37nm