Stridulatory Mechanisms and Sound Production in Conotrachelus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Lester P. Gibson
1967 Annals of the Entomological Society of America  
The t•lytral stridulitra and the plectra on the sixth abdominal krgill' arl' described and illustrated for both Sl'Xl'S of Cmrotr11chrlus 1wso LeConte, C. posticatus Bohe man, aml C. rnriuifrr Casey, as is the stridulitrum of the malti C. m·1111fl/wr (Herbst) ; the female of C. 11c1111phar has nn 11ll'ctrum. The stridulations are described and Earlier workers have done much to bring attention to the types of sound-producing structures and the importance of sound production and its reception in
more » ... nst•cts of various orders (for a review see Frings and 1 Acc,•111,. .t for 1mblication �larch 4, 1966. "Th,• author �xpress,·s appreciation to Dr. Donald J. Borror nf th,· J>,•11artnwnt of Zoology and Entomology, The Ohio State l "nivt'rl'\ity, Columhus, for advice and assistance, and for his t·ritit·al rt·\'iew of tht· manuscript.
doi:10.1093/aesa/60.1.43 fatcat:4o3xgzro7zchbi6h2ztdmrbdxq