Taming effects with monadic typing

Richard B. Kieburtz
1998 Proceedings of the third ACM SIGPLAN international conference on Functional programming - ICFP '98  
The familiar Hindley-Milner type system of the ML language family is extended with monad annotations to account for possible side e ects of expression evaluation. This also allows e ects to be e ectively encapsulated by lexical scopes, with enforcement provided by t ype checking. A t ype-and-e ects analysis supports type inference. Type soundness and completeness theorems establish the coherence of monadic type inference with the reference semantics of a small ML-style language.
doi:10.1145/289423.289428 dblp:conf/icfp/Kieburtz98 fatcat:lpofzvhxvfbrxak3eatwn2o6mi