Effect of Melatonin and Vitamin E on EEG, Sleep Quality and Quality of Life of Shift-Working Nurses in Arak Hospitals

Mohsen Monfared, Mehdi Sadegh, Zahra Gohari
2017 Arak Medical University Journal (AMUJ)   unpublished
Melatonin regulates the sleep-wake cycle and is protected against oxidants. Vitamin E has antioxidant effect. The aim of this study was to investigate effect of melatonin and/or vitamin E on the EEG, sleep quality and quality of life of female nurses working in hospitals in Arak. Materials and Methods: 60 female nurses were randomly selected from hospitals in the Arak city. Participants divided into three groups (melatonin3 mg/day, vitamin E 200 IU/day and melatonin and vitamin E groups) and a
more » ... ontrol group. Before and two months after the baseline, PSQTI and the quality of life of 26 questions questionnaire were completed and EEG was recorded. Finally, the findings for both groups before and after the intervention were compared with each other. Results: The average of sleep quality showed an improvement in groups receiving melatonin and melatonin+vitamin E (p>0.05). While data of life quality did not show any significant change between groups. In EEG activity, α waves in the range of 8-10 Hz showed maximum increase in melatonin group and minimum increase in vitamin E group. Also, α wave in the range of 10-12 Hz revealed the most decrease in the melatonin group. Conclusion: It seems simultaneous administration of melatonin and vitamin E is able to improve sleep quality. In addition, melatonin could improve alpha-waves of brain activity.