Novel Fuzzy Torque Vectoring Controller for Electric Vehicles with per-wheel Motors

Alberto Parra Delgado, Martín Dendaluce Jahnke, Asier Zubizarreta Pico, Joshué Pérez Rastelli
2020 XXXVIII Jornadas de Automática: Gijón, 6, 7, y 8 de septiembre de 2017   unpublished
The continuous innovation on the electric vehicle area has led to the use of multi-motor powertrain topologies. These powertrains imply new degrees of freedom and better controllability, thus enabling elaborate control solutions for enhanced vehicle dynamics. This allows not only to achieve better vehicle stability, but also greater performance and responsiveness, leading to safer and more satisfying vehicle handling. This work presents a Fuzzy Torque Vectoring Controller for a rear-wheel drive
more » ... a rear-wheel drive car with independent motors per wheel. The developed design has been validated in a high fidelity vehicle dynamics simulation platform demonstrating its capability to enhance not only curve performance, but also stability. Keywords: Torque Vectoring (TV), Electric Vehicle (EV), yaw rate, sideslip angle, Fuzzy Logic . Other authors have proposed using advanced control approaches such as MPC [17] or integral XXXVIII Jornadas de Automática 401 https://doi.
doi:10.17979/spudc.9788497497749.0401 fatcat:etfn4xfv5zdr7inusv3r7ota7m