Epigenetic Regulation of Neuregulin-1 Tunes White Adipose Stem Cell Differentiation

Alyssa D. Cordero, Evan C. Callihan, Rana Said, Yasir Alowais, Emily S. Paffhausen, John R. Bracht
2020 Cells  
Expansion of subcutaneous adipose tissue by differentiation of new adipocytes has been linked to improvements in metabolic health. However, an expandability limit has been observed wherein new adipocytes cannot be produced, the existing adipocytes become enlarged (hypertrophic) and lipids spill over into ectopic sites. Inappropriate ectopic storage of these surplus lipids in liver, muscle, and visceral depots has been linked with metabolic dysfunction. Here we show that Neuregulin-1 (NRG1)
more » ... gulin-1 (NRG1) serves as a regulator of adipogenic differentiation in subcutaneous primary human stem cells. We further demonstrate that DNA methylation modulates NRG1 expression in these cells, and a 3-day exposure of stem cells to a recombinant NRG1 peptide fragment is sufficient to reprogram adipogenic cellular differentiation to higher levels. These results define a novel molecular adipogenic rheostat with potential implications for the expansion of adipose tissue in vivo.
doi:10.3390/cells9051148 pmid:32392729 fatcat:fbjbyv65tzbznf2mpo5obnixjy