Resilience in multilayer networks

P. Demeester, M. Gryseels, A. Autenrieth, C. Brianza, L. Castagna, G. Signorelli, R. Clemenfe, M. Ravera, A. Lajszczyk, D. Janukowicz, K. Van Doorselaere, Y. Harada
1999 IEEE Communications Magazine  
The integration of different technologies such as ATM, SDH, and WDM in multilayer transport networks raises many questions regarding the coordination of the individual network layers. Especially in the area of network survivability, much can be gained by a better alignment of the healing actions taken by different network layers in case of outages. Survivability issues encountered in a multilayer environment include, among others: how to identify the original failure cause, how to appoint for
more » ... ow to appoint for each failure a layer responsible for its healing, how to let different layers interwork, and how to provide spare resources in an efficient way. ABSTRACT 1 Protection Across Network Layers, Projects/PANEL Communications Newsletter. He is Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Communications Magazine. He has organized several symposia, and served on numerous program and organizing committees. DARIUSZ JANUKOWICZ ( finished his Master's studies at the University of Technologies in 1997. He worked on management of communication networks at the Institute of Communication and Information Technologies. He was involved in the PANEL project in the management-related part. Since 1999 he is involved in the development of Internet access networks and switching management at the Telecommunication Studies and Design Bureau "KRISTOF VAN DOORSELAERE ( graduated as an engineer from the University of Gent in 1996. In that year he joined the research group of Prof. Piet Demeester at the University of Gent and studied there the fault management and survivability in WDM/SDH/ATM transport networks. In 1998 he left for Belgacom and is working there on the long-term leased line architecture. YOHNOSUKE HARADA ( graduated from the Kyoto University Faculty of Engineering, and his major is on automatic control. After finishing his Master's degree, he entered NTT Electrical Communication Laboratories. He has been working on teletraffic study, network planning algorithms, network planning tools, dynamic routing algorithms, development of network operation systems, security architecture, ATM standardization, and overseas ATM application trials with AT&T, DT, and KDD. He is currently participating in multimedia applications development in social science.
doi:10.1109/35.783128 fatcat:e5s4qe4qwraynmgawferr4kznm