Financial services FY 1996 site support program plan, WBS 6.10.4. Revision 1 [report]

D.D. Schafer
1995 unpublished
FY 1996 Program Plan HANFORD STRATEGIC PLAN GOALS/MISSION PLAN To support the Department of.Energy Waste Management activities at the Hanford site. The-Mission Plan includes three mission elements: Site cleanup; Science and Technology; and Economic Diversification. These mission elements are a1 igned with the business areas as defined in the Secretary of Energy's Strategic Plan --Environmental Quality, Science and Technology, and Industrial Competitiveness. The majority of the efforts at the
more » ... ford site involve the management and disposition of the waste left from defense production and the restoration of the Site environment. technology, and partnering to ensure the economic diversification of the region around the Site. In addition, a long-term objective is to provide science, The goal for Hanford i s to build a clean, accessible, and healthy environment which is part of a prospering and diversified community. accomplished by reducing the known hazards in our system while improving the quality of our hazard assessments to guide future decisions on risk mitigation. WHC is striving to become the leaders in providing science and technology that enhances the Hanford cleanup, improves U.S. competitiveness, and supports the regional, national, and international need t o balance economic growth and environmental responsibility. This science and technology awareness will help the community establish a diversified and stable economic base over the long term. The private sector will be employed in the cleanup, the creation of technology, and the effective use of assets no longer required by the federal government. This will be 0 1 FINANCIAL SERVICES The mission of Financial Services includes providing management direction and leadership f o r a c t i v i t i e s related t o t h e mission and objectives o f the Controller's department. financial integrity i n a l l Westinghouse Hanford Company (WHC) operations and value added audits and reviews t h a t enable WHC management t o enhance future operational results, a l l in support of the following customers: Department of Energy (DOE) , Richland Operations Office (RL) Financial Management Divi s i on These functions include responsibility t o ensure
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