Selectively boron doped homoepitaxial diamond growth for power device applications

F. Lloret, D. Eon, E. Bustarret, F. Donatini, D. Araujo
2021 Applied Physics Letters  
Diamond lateral growth is a powerful technique for the design and fabrication of diamond-based power electronic devices. Growth orientation affects the diamond deposition in terms of growth rate, surface roughness, and impurity incorporation. It has been shown that the finally grown surface of a patterned substrate can be predesigned based on the growth conditions. Thus, simultaneous growth along different surface orientations yields regions with different properties. In line with this, the
more » ... rporation of boron in a microwave plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition laterally deposited epilayer over a mesa patterned {100}-oriented diamond substrate was studied by cathodoluminescence. It was observed that laterally oriented facets were highly boron doped in contrast to the {100}-oriented surfaces, which did not show any bound exciton emission, related to the doping. This study shows that, by designing the initial pattern and tuning the conditions, it is possible to drive a selective incorporation of boron into the grown layer.
doi:10.1063/5.0031478 fatcat:tyu4wobjq5cnjo4ab6ib5ec22u