Threshold switching and electrical self-oscillation in niobium oxide films

Xinjun Liu, Shuai Li, Sanjoy Kumar Nandi, Dinesh Kumar Venkatachalam, Robert Glen Elliman
2016 Journal of Applied Physics  
Electrical self-sustained oscillations have been observed in a broad range of two-terminal systems and are of interest as possible building blocks for bio-inspired neuromorphic computing. In this work, we experimentally explore voltage-controlled oscillations in NbO x devices with a particular focus on understanding how the frequency and waveform are influenced by circuit parameters. We also introduce a finite element model of the device based on a Joule-heating induced insulatormetal
more » ... . The electroformed device structure is represented by a cylindrical conductive channel (filament) comprised of NbO/NbO 2 zones and surrounded by an Nb 2 O 5Àx matrix. The model is shown to reproduce the current-controlled negative differential resistance observed in measured current-voltage curves, and is combined with circuit elements to simulate the waveforms and dynamics of an isolated Pearson-Anson oscillator. Such modeling is shown to provide considerable insight into the relationship between the material response and device and circuit characteristics. Published by AIP Publishing. [http://dx.
doi:10.1063/1.4963288 fatcat:giqvrhkatzcijg7ghwhz7pk7ey