Precursors of complex organic molecules: NH3 and CH3OH in the ices surrounding low-mass protostars

Sandrine Bottinelli, Adwin C. A. Boogert, Ewine F. van Dishoeck, Martha Beckwith, Jordy Bouwman, Harold Linnartz, Karin I. Öberg
2008 Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union  
AbstractNH3 and CH3OH are key molecules in the chemical networks leading to the formation of complex N- and O-bearing organic molecules. However, despite a number of recent studies, there is still a lot to learn about their abundances in the solid state and how they relate to those of other N/O-bearing organic molecules or to NH3 and CH3OH abundances in the gas phase. This is particularly true in the case of low-mass young stellar objects (YSOs), for which only the recent advent of the Spitzer
more » ... pace Telescope has allowed high sensitivity observations of the ices in their enveloppes. We present a combined study of Spitzer data (obtained within the Legacy program "From Molecular Cores to Planet-Forming Disks", c2d) and laboratory spectra, leading to the detections of NH3 and CH3OH in the ices of low-mass protostars. We investigate correlations with other ice features and conclude with prospects on further studies linking these two precursors of complex organic molecules with their gas-phase products.
doi:10.1017/s1743921308021285 fatcat:47dkidyiizc5hjih5z3put2o4m