Voice quality of normal elderly people after a 3oz water-swallow test: An acoustic analysis
3온스 물 삼킴검사 이후 정상 노년층의 음질 변화: 음향학적 분석*

Sol Hee Lee, Hong-Shik Choi, Seong-Hee Choi, HyangHee Kim
2018 Phonetics and Speech Sciences  
The elderly are at increased risk of developing dysphagia due to aging and illnesses. The aim of the current study was to analyze, via an acoustic study, the change in the voice quality of normal elderly people after a 3oz water-swallow test. Subjects included a group of 60 normal elderly people (age: mean±SD=76.9±6.66) and 60 healthy young adults (age: mean±SD=25.1±2.36). Every participant produced a five-second /a/ phonation pre-and post-swallowing, and the fractioned two-second sections were
more » ... analyzed using the MDVP (multi dimensional voice program) analysis. The elderly group demonstrated a post-swallowing increase in the following related acoustic parameters: fundamental frequency, fundamental frequency variation, amplitude-variation, and noise in both two-second sections. However, the younger group showed an increase only in frequency related acoustic parameters (i.e., STD ) in the first two-second section. The significant changes in values in the post-swallowing parameters might indicate temporary irregularities in pitch and amplitude along with higher amounts of noise in the voice. The results could be attributed to water residues in the vocal fold and vocal tract, as well as a deterioration of the motor and sensory functions caused by anatomical and physiological changes that result from aging.
doi:10.13064/ksss.2018.10.2.069 fatcat:2bmkxwwwszgwpemrfzohlopyzy