Application of Three-Dimensional Image Reconstruction Technology in Neurogenic Intestinal Nursing Tasks

Yinli Shen, Xiaoxing Huang, Yue Zhang, Jing Pan, Yaxin Liu, Yunlan Jiang, Lianhui Li
2022 Scientific Programming  
Neurogenic intestinal care is currently a major research topic in the medical field. In order to improve the accuracy of neurogenic intestinal care and simplify the process of neurogenic intestinal care, this paper adopts a three-dimensional analysis theory to extract the key indicators in neurogenic intestinal care. Through the analysis and calculation of the test data, the calculation results of neurogenic intestinal care under the effect of three-dimensional reconstruction technology were
more » ... ained. Through the analysis of the results, the calculation law under the action of the optimization model can be obtained. Based on the three-dimensional reconstruction theory, the contents of neurogenic intestinal care were analyzed by the three-dimensional reconstruction de-highlighting algorithm. The three-dimensional curve was used to screen the key indicators of neurogenic intestinal care, so as to obtain the optimized heavy weight model, and the three-dimensional reconstruction model can analyze the indicators of neurogenic intestinal care. It can be seen from relevant studies that different indicators have different trends in their range of change in the curve projection diagram of the 3D curve screening method. Among them, the curve shadow and curve point have obvious downward changes, while the curve deviation has U-shaped changes. The range of curve weights is relatively large. The variation rule between different data in the 3D curve segment can be obtained through the cost function. Among them, the cost function index and the cost model parameter have the same change trend, and the overall fluctuation range is relatively small through the space index. In the calculation results of neurogenic intestinal care, different factors will have a great influence on the calculation results. Neurons and intestinal peristalsis have the same change trend, while the linear characteristics of nerve endings are relatively obvious, and the fluctuation characteristics of gastrointestinal digestion are good. The health standard decreases linearly with the increase of the sample, and the dynamic reconstruction has a positive effect on the data. This study can provide research ideas for the analysis of neurogenic gut.
doi:10.1155/2022/4840189 fatcat:miyqqzi5sfdh5dclewdypx3yhy