Mimetic-metric-torsion with induced axial mode and phantom barrier crossing

Sourav Sur, Ashim Dutta, Hiyang Ramo Chothe
2021 European Physical Journal C: Particles and Fields  
AbstractWe extend the basic formalism of mimetic-metric-torsion gravity theory, in a way that the mimetic scalar field can manifest itself geometrically as the source of not just the trace mode of torsion, but its axial (or, pseudo-trace) mode as well. Specifically, we consider the mimetic field to be (i) coupled explicitly to the well-known Holst extension of the Riemann–Cartan action, and (ii) identified with the square of the associated Barbero–Immirzi field, presumably a pseudo-scalar. The
more » ... onformal symmetry originally prevaling in the theory would still hold, as the associated Cartan transformations do not affect the torsion pseudo-trace, and hence the Holst term. Demanding the theory to preserve the spatial parity symmetry as well, we show a geometric unification of the cosmological dark sector, and the feasibility of a super-accelerating regime in the course of evolution of the universe. From the observational perspective, assuming the cosmological evolution profile to be very close to that for $$\varLambda $$ Λ CDM, we further illustrate a smooth crossing of the so-called phantom barrier at a low red-shift, albeit with a restricted parametric domain. Subsequently, we determine the extent of the super-acceleration by examining the evolution of the relevant torsion parameters.
doi:10.1140/epjc/s10052-021-09101-z fatcat:fxp2mqyufnd6pf4rz75kldzizy