Success or failure? The leadership style of the Romanian and Austrian leaders. A comparison based on the Vroom/ Yetton mode of leadership and decision making

Raluca-Elena Hurduzeu
Organizational culture is an important driver of organizational performance, and organizations with effective work cultures are more likely to perform well on international markets. The aim of this paper is to identify to what extent the cultural factor affects the decision making process within two European countries, namely Austria and Romania. Taking into account the diversity of the leadership systems, we apply the Vroom/Yetton model of leadership and decision making in order to explain the
more » ... rder to explain the dissonance and the consonance in the behavior of the Romanian and Austrian managers. Based on this model, we search for empirical evidence as regards the leadership style of the managers from the two countries and the impact of the intercultural determinants on the competitiveness of the organizations. While the dissonance is expressed in cultural differences, there is consonant policy as regards the new business opportunities.