Aerodynamic Performance of a Notional Perching MAV Design

Gregory Reich, Olek Wojnar, Roberto Albertani
2009 47th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting including The New Horizons Forum and Aerospace Exposition   unpublished
This paper describes a mechanized wing concept for a perching micro air vehicle, and the aerodynamic behavior of such a concept at wing angles of attack up to ninety degrees. The model has wings capable of rotating in pitch at two spanwise joints to simulate the motion of a bird's wings during a perching maneuver. The advantage of a perching landing is that it allows the vehicle to land with approximately zero vertical and horizontal velocity on a tree branch, power line, or ledge. Wind tunnel
more » ... ests are conducted to measure vehicle performance and flight control parameters for further development of a free-flying model. Static measurements of lift, drag, and pitching moments are correlated to wing section angles from zero to nearly ninety degrees angle of attack. Unsteady effects related to dynamic stall are also investigated by varying the speed at which the wing sections are actuated. In order to investigate actuation and mechanization designs for this concept, additional measurements are made to determine the amount of power required to achieve the wing motions.
doi:10.2514/6.2009-63 fatcat:xwgcim5buvbbfkyswuymmpzxaa