Analysis between Various Random MIMO Systems Model on the Basis of Channel Capacity [post]

Shree Krishna Acharya
2016 unpublished
Finding a good MIMO system model also major issue in Wireless Communication system. It is facing with so many problem, one of the major problem is finding good system model in terms of capacity and transmitting antenna system. In this paper, we analyze the channel capacity of various MIMO system model with some constant SNR level and outage probability. We establish a novel idea for MIMO system models as consider as 2N- MIMO system model and find-out change in channel capacity when different
more » ... y when different transmitting antennas with constant SNR and outage probability. The channel capacity ratio CCR is presented here on the basis of 2N- MIMO channel capacity model. Number of transmitted antenna presented in MIMO system is increases is well-known however paper shows change in capacity in simple form.
doi:10.20944/preprints201607.0078.v2 fatcat:khnzkstd6bfhxm2eyh72schs4y